Consider Fostering an Animal During this Time

  • Active. As puppies, they wake up in the morning at 1:30 a.m. and again at 6:00 a.m. because even though they haven’t had any more water, they still need to pee and want your company. Over the next few months you’ll find you can’t relax in the house for more than an hour or two without having to take them out.
  • Mischievous. You’ll never able to relax in a room if you can’t see them, because omg they’re definitely eating something they shouldn’t.
  • Expensive. Dogs are expensive. You can’t go to a store without thinking how much they’ll love this fiftieth toy you’re getting from them, and if you’re like me you’ll go through a period of time where you try to cook your own dog food.
  • Intrusive. My puppy has tried to sit on my laptop twice while I’ve written this. Say goodbye to the level of intimacy you had with your partner, if you had a partner before getting a dog. They want to be in your bed. They hate closed doors. They disrupt you when you’re eating Thai food and watching your favorite show. Those little luxuries are gone.
  • Dirty. My dog picked up a dead mouse and swallowed it before I could snatch it out of her mouth with a plastic bag. In two seconds she’d devoured a dead animal. When she plays with her friend, they get so covered in the red clay of Oklahoma that our bathtub stays tinted in burnt sienna for days. When she was little, she pooped in the house a few times.



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Charlotte Chapin

Charlotte Chapin

Horror lover, body positive icon to my dog